Beer Review 2: Muskoka Craft Lager


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hey YouTube what going on winter is coming here and working together another beer review today today we are looking at Muskoka breweries craft lager now Muskoka brewery they up in bracebridge Ontario it not that far from you it about 40 minutes north of me so I consider it one of our local breweries of the area they a brewery that I do there you quite enjoy I had most of their offerings of products aside from the logger they make a cream ale which is quite nice they up until recently they did make a darkhel which is one of my favorite if not the top dark ale you get in the province at the price but it since me discontinued they make three IPAs they have a kind of a sessionable low abv IPA somos detour that one of the more recent offerings the regular IPAs put Matt Tom and they a double or Imperial called twice as bad Tom and I quite enjoy that aside from those they move for seasonals that they kind of rotate through throughout the year and the one that I enjoy most is a the one that in the winter it