How to check oil level Toyota Corolla VVTi engine. Detail info.


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hello and welcome today I am planning to show you that how I check and add oil to Toyota Corolla and Toyota VDD engines to this bTW the engine and first step is that how often you and I sue to check this Toyota oils and now I am talking in this motor oil and we have here this motor engine but what is in here and my recommendation is that that if you have time a lot it good to check this oils in every week and if you drive really high mileage like 1 000 miles per day then I recommend that you to check this oil level in databases but normally in weekly basis okay and now I will show to you that how I do that oil check and oil adding and in all steps and first step is that of course to open this Toyota despondent and hood and let go to do that next okay and now when door is open then we look in this driver side area and expecially in that area in here and there we can see this bonnet open this sweet and this handle what what I next next