Mixintrip - CAMMINO DI SAN TOMMASO [Eng subs]


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Summary (prepared by human):

One day, tired of looking for a job and annoyed at poor results, I decided to support a post which encouraged to attempt a walk. I just had to understand what did it meant. The way of St. Tommaso is a route passing trough Italy coast to coast: from Roma to Ortona, or vice versa. That’s clear! That’s clear! I could go by foot, bike or horse. Here’s my travel I chose the bike, brought it back to life, load it up and left for the challenge! Everything begins in Ortona, in San Tommaso’s square. That’s where I move from being a tourist toward becoming a pilgrim. After warm-ups around the castle I leave: direction Rome. Arrived in Pretoro, tired by too many steps, I meet the guys of “Maiella trekkers” who provide me a flat all to myself. This is the face of someone who left at home the bag with all chargers. But I’ll have for a while. With the sun, the good mood comes back. Before leaving I take a walk and I meet Mastro Tonino, a wood artist who produces countless works. He makes and gives me a spinning top in a second.