How to keep your noseclip on whilst swimming.


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hi there I making this video about how to keep your swimmers nose clips on once you swimming now I have two pairs I got a speedo one and I got this one which came free with my socks our smoke oh how do you keep your nose clips on what your swimming okay this is what you need to do you need to make sure before you go swimming you need to make sure you you have no oil or any kind of Vaseline around your nose that this one cause you nose clip too when you do put it on slip off you need to make sure there no Vaseline or any kind of oily moisturizing cream the night before and even on the day especially on the day if you are like me someone who has like an oily skin I have oil that comes out on the sides of my nose you need to swim in the swimming port for about 10 or 15 minutes Oh get some water and keep splashing on your nose and keep wiping away the natural oils once you done that we what you will feel is when you put these