How to Clean A Throttle Body (Dodge Caravan)


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2003 Dodge Caravan I going to be showing you guys how to clean out a throttle body my throttle body is right there first thing I wanted to do was I disconnected the negative battery just good practice when you working on stuff okay first I going to do is get access to the throttle body first thing I going to remove is this hose here just to give myself some more ground snow call this hose off I going to pull pull this one off set that there I going to go ahead and remove this airbox just to give myself some more room that only want to see so this these usually just pull right out and this one does too it I gonna go ahead and remove this air cleaner right now I just going to take the one off of here that an 8 millimeter okay pull this off now there a note this is a this house a yup this has a map sensor looks like right here so this is probably an air intake temperature sensor I don think that the map sensor so let me take this sensor off look at it there