Review Demo - G&L LB-100 Bass


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hey everybody this is steve cook with premier guitar and premier guitar calm today we going to be talking about the G L lb 100 these are beautiful instruments proudly made in Fullerton California and this is an alder body with a three ply tortoise pickguard G L wound in house wound pickups and gnl high mass bridge which adds to the sustain and punch of this beautiful instrument the the neck as a quarter saw on hard rock maple over or excuse me under the rosewood fingerboard G L ultralight tuners on top bone nut six bolt design which adds to the sustain and punch as well and in a very nice shape on this contoured body you know they they taken the pea design and they streamlined it they evolved past the design of sixty years ago 60 plus years ago and and basically made it better this is a well put together instrument no gaps no problems the the frets are smooth as can be and and everything is just it just really nice today signal path is very simple it the LB 100 into the warwick CCL we using the DI on the back of this