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hey guys what up its Lauren welcome to my show thrift flip where I take things that I bought at the Ameritrade post and flip them in something worth instagramming Music figured out this episode with the hall the first thing I picked up was this really cool but like basic lamp because it wasn entirely sure what I wanted to do with it so I feel like there lots of opportunity to do some really cool DIY stuff with it I also got some hardware which I have something cool plan for this little something up my sleeve for some screws and then also a really cute set of four drawer poles so the first DIY is going to be the lamp so let get started so what you gonna need for this DIY is some marble or pattern colored whatever you feeling contact paper and it also got a ruler for measuring out exactly how much contact paper you going to need I got scissors and lastly I got a flat edged object just to smooth out the contact paper as the editor round so there no air bubbles you can also use an ID debit card anything