Easy Eyebrow Tutorial (ELF Eyebrow Kit vs Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse)


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hi guys welcome back let me first start by apologizing for being gone for a little while I gave birth to my second baby girl on February 11th and I happy to say that she is a healthy beautiful baby but needless to say I been very occupied with that I did want to get on though and do a quick video on my eyebrow routine sort of a tutorial and a review in one I asked in one of my last videos if you wanted to see an eyebrow tutorial using both the elf eyebrow kit and the Tarte Amazonian clay brow mousse these are two products that I been loving and pretty much the only main products that I use on my brows from day to day so a lot of you said yes and that is what I gonna do today now as you can see these are my eye brows naturally what I normally do is get them threaded every six to eight weeks just to clean up and maintain their shape and then the rest of the time I just maintain them at home by tweezing and trimming them a little and I don do