The Era of Convenience and Why The Browser is the Next Big Thing in Games | Trip HAWKINS,


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so welcome to the United Nations I like to represent the to introduce the delegate from Kazakhstan now seriously this is a very strange room but it a pleasure to be here despite the blizzard conditions as for myself traveling I was stranded in London for 12 hours on Sunday got to know the airport lounge quite well material are you ready to boldly go where no one has gone before I hope you all sci fi fans I don mean to promoting a particular brand here but we entering a period of a tremendous rate of change in the game industry and I going to get into that but first just a set the stage I tell you a little bit about digital chocolate we make games like millionaire city which came out on facebook it been on the iPhone and we now also operating it as an open browser game we now starting to also do more hardcore browser games and in fact today we launching our first such game that was developed by a third party developer it a game called reborn Empire and it now available at games digital chocolate com which is where we kind