Beer Review # 1649 Chaos Mountain Brewing Squatch Ale


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hello everybody welcome to grace peer reviews today take a walk and go see what in the fridge today hey everybody thanks for stopping by bricks be reduced today we try to keep the link down on this one guys i been getting longer and longer and longer I appreciate all the comments the guys y watching and saying sir but when we start getting to the 30 minute length we gonna have to cut back at us a little bit so I appreciate our vital thing with the great comments I didn want to hear what I got to say so I kind of humbled by all the great comments that I gotten so let try to keep this one down just a little bit no try to watch what I doing not repeat as much stuff as I been repeating over the last week or so so seem like I getting kind of repetitive in my old age all right this is chaos mountains Squatch ale and it got a real nice picture of Sasquatch carrying a keg of beer and it is a scotch ale so they done a little play there Squatch Sasquatch scotch ale so