Building High Performance Websites


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hello a co worker of mine recently recommended this book high performance websites as the best book for achieving speed and performance and your website so I wanted to I read it and it was pretty good a lot of things a lot of things I knew a lot of things that are done automatically by ruby on rails and a lot of new things that we need to implement so I just wanted to go through the main highlights and kind of explain what they mean first part the rule number one make fewer HTTP requests it probably obvious in your website each request takes a certain amount of time to go from the browser to the server and back in order to do this there are several strategies you can use CSS sprites so instead of having a bunch of images and they all all requiring one request you bunch all your images into one file and use CSS to display a certain portion of the image throw your page so you only have one image strategy to is to combine your call your CSS files into one and do the same with your JavaScript files so ideally