Quantum Matter Lecture 1


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okay welcome this is the quantum and of course first lecture it going to be a series of roughly 16 hours where lectures on a matter in the age of coronavirus the lectures are part of the masters mathematical physics course at Oxford roughly masters level also first year PhD level courses if you are a PhD student who needs credit for this course please email me so before we get going a couple of resources that I should point you to first of all the course website Oxford quantum matter 2020 ducks at least buzz comm or you can just find the link to the course website from my webpage there a lot of resources on that on that webpage which you will find useful these videos for example it a first useful thing presumably in fact you can watching this in case you found the videos also you know write that down the videos there will be of course notes the course notes it some 150 something page book which will follow the lectures extremely closely so you will find those pretty pretty useful there also going to be everything I write down here like this this anything