Miguels Cocina


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when you in the mood and ready for some really good mexican food you got to check out the longtime san diego favorite spot called Miguel cocina inside this place is very cool we found a comfortable relaxed atmosphere and everything was really nice we were tripping out on the huge palm tree located in the middle again really cool if there one type of food I can eat seven days a week it have to be mexican food and as corporate executive chef steve floyd showed us and Miguel they have some of the best no check this out this is our slow roasted pork it a pork flat I would cook for about three to four hours a lot of marinade in there a lot of citrus juice it going to shred out this is going to become our chili verde burrito it fantastic now that exactly what I talking about and it keeps getting better what makes Miguel dimmer than everyone else a lot of people start out with prefab food they buy it we start from the beginning this is thighs and breasts that have been slow cooked for about two hours until they shred apart