Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation - Dr. Wesley Brady on Dallas News CBS 11


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HD covering dallas fort worth at all of North Texas this is CBS 11 News at Ten it a cosmetic procedure that some women say has helped their sex lives and made their marriage is stronger but it not without critics CBS Elevens Kimberly ball has more on the surgery and the controversy Kimberly well Karen some women are turning to surgery to help them feel sexier and more satisfied in the bedroom but is the procedure safe giving birth to two children took a toll on Rachel Shannon body the vaginal births left her feeling stretched insecure and sexually unsatisfied oh no I gonna be like to stress my life and my husband and I have so many more years of marriage left so she opted for vaginal rejuvenation it a nip and tuck that designed to give your love life a lift it is very confidential this North Texas patient underwent the surgery she not looking to reveal her identity just revamped the sex in her marriage I 46 years old I had two children and my sex life is not as good as it once was obviously after having to vaginal delivery as I said I dr