Ark: Survival Evolved First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"


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hello and welcome back to another video today I going to be playing something a little different it not an MMO but it an open world survival game called Ark survival evolved which is by to play on Steam for around 20 pounds so 30 dollars or something also in this video I going to be doing a giveaway for this hat which the guys at WASD apparel were nice enough to give me to give away to one of you guys so go check them out if you interested in some gaming related merch I put a link in the description below so let get into it so I going to start off by doing a local game just so I can learn how to actually play the thing here you have a bunch of options such as difficulty level and a bunch of other things I just going to keep it as the default settings and play single player okay so logging in for the first time this is the character select screen we gonna sort out our character give him a name and then choose a spawn point that one ugly guy look at my six pack