What Is The Thermo Fisher Cloud? - Ask TaqMan #33


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Have you ever had problems accessing or analyzing your data? Sometimes it can be a real headache, with data stored in various places, and everyone using a different program for analysis. It's so hard to keep track! Well, I have good news for you! Let me tell you about the new Thermo Fisher Cloud and Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules which help make those problems a thing of the past. Thermo Fisher Cloud and the Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules are a Cloud platform for storage and analysis modules for scientific computing and cloud based analysis, respectively. I'll going to tell you a little about the benefits of these new systems and how they can improve your research. Thermo Fisher Cloud is a cloud based Scientific computing analysis platform in which the Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules live. The modules available include Relative Quantitation, Genotyping, Standard Curve, and Design & Analysis application. Thermo Fisher Cloud is a unique offering for scientific research, with many advantages. Get ready to set your research free!! You are no longer tied down to any particular computer; A PC or Mac with a compatible web-browser will allow you to simply log onto Thermo Fisher Cloud and access your data.