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hello this curved stone of Barstow precision I like to go over some of the differences between our semi drop in or our match target barrels and the advantages of both first we go over on our XD barrels for a match target barrel there going to be material on this under lug here and on this length of lock for our semi drop in barrel in this configuration this material is going to be less here and almost two drop in position here if you need to do the fitting on it you would remove material from this flat it locks up on the flat in the frame and from this forward portion that locks into the slide our semi drop in barrels generally have our oversize but they generally have just enough material to where the where the barrel should drop into the firearm probably 75 of the time on if you required fitting you can always call us or you can if you see this video you can see that you need to move it from here and from here the advantages between a semi dropping in a matched target are usually seen at 50 yards not