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we good all right what is up my name is Shawn and we are back again with another food tasting video yay well have you read by the title we are doing another Oreo food tasting video and this one is the limited edition apple pie Oreo bomb here we go limited edition apple pie Oreo what does it even say on that graham flavored cookie limited edition graham flavored cookie wasn there another video I did that was had graham flavored cookie for Oreos let me check alright I could not find which one I had that had the graham cookie for the Oreo cookie but let get to tasting this apple pie let me tune oreo out so let get to the list down all right it smells like caramel yes definitely apple pie it really smells like okay now what kind of smells like waffles let see well that what the cookie looks like it very basic it pretty like golden all around golden cracker golden ish cream that it very basic very very basic and it does not smell like apple pie that for sure I do like apple pie but this does not smell like