Batman The Enemy Within (by Telltale Games) Episode 2- Part 5 - Android Gameplay [HD]


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Bruce are you alright there I fine Alfred I was keeping an eye on you over the security feed well breaking into my own company was unexpected my heart stopped when I saw that mad woman coming at Tiffani I was certain she was going to kill her that young woman is smarter than both of us Bruce it only a matter of time before she puts the rest of the pieces together you know what she like she won stop digging until she gets to the truth maybe we should just tell her I always regretted not being more honest with you about your father life don make the same mistake I did she shouldn be left guessing Tiffany safety is more important than the truth just be careful you don drive her away with regards to tonight other catastrophes your night watchman got a nasty lump on the head but don worry he be fine I already arranged for him to get a generous payout and an extended vacation and replaced tonight offending security camera feed with dummy footage yeah thank you as for Regina afraid your business clients cover story is going to cause problems your encounter