Create your own small sprayer end for inline high pressure hose


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Haggar with Sager steam cleaner Grand Rapids Minnesota I just going to show you how we make a end that goes on our wand it like a pressure sprayer and we use it to hose down the vans and stuff but it also something that we use to heat up our water lines before we go in the home especially in these cold weather environments what I got here is two lines this one here is my Butler line actually Butler uses a male and on it some of you guys have a female and for your connectors as you can see here one of my wands so about leur system we use the female ends of what we do is you just get yourself a quarter inch eight zero zero five jet is what Butler does and then just makes this so it a for Butler it a female connector with just the quarter inch jet going on the inside so essentially if you just take yourself female connector get yourself a quarter inch jet eight zero zero five here I just grabbed a stainless one out of the kit and it not even quite the right size number