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so today I doing a review over a little fox botanicals skincare and I have a couple items that I gonna share with you these were sent to me by Madame fox she is a wonderful lovely woman and she has a wonderful customer service if you ever have to deal with something with lo fox if you have a question just email her and she will respond with a very detailed descriptive email and she gets back to you really quick so I know that sometimes you have difficulty with customer service and companies and they very short or they take a really long time to answer and half the time I ask companies questions they send me an email back and they didn answer any of my questions so I love the customer service with little fox botanicals that very very important to me especially when you dealing with a small company you really should get the care and TLC that you deserve so I definitely give them an A when it comes to customer service I also want to start off by giving you a little background on my skin so I used to have cystic acne