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my god okay hopefully it going to work this time fingers crossed it all the right way up on my screen now everything looking right for those of you who didn know I just came in to do a live and I was sideways but now I not properly hi Avery how are you hi Lisa how you doing gorgeous ladies I so excited about this line hi Elaine yeah we got it this time we got it hi Rachel welcome to the Irish group honey how are you nice lovely to see your beautiful face yeah I getting me I really good really good I been playing with makeup today can you see Thank You Rachel so I got palette 5 on my eyes do you know what I love about palette 5 I used the color vintage and it like two tone so it can be like a really coppery red color in sunlight but then another like you get like flecks of gold it just beautiful so I got that on the eyes and I had a little play with sublime and oh what the color are one of the lip pencils I went on very on