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softer color right on the crease in what brushes are you using the same one this one the eyeshadow mom and this is the wrong shadow and do we need to use all of these brushes if you have a brush for example one fluffy brush you can use that and that can do the whole thing right now it next person that I was looking for it but I worked with what I have and that why I used to brush this but one brush that the job remember with your customers because they want to get the perfect eye shadow system of course we want to promote every single brush for them to ensure that they are using the correct one you know I never really appreciated makeup till I started using brushes huge and I going to play it right on the lash line okay so something very soft if you base add a little bit of water to this the color is going to be a lot richer and you can actually use this as and if you have any questions for Nellie while she doing this just feel free to to ask her any questions