The Fruck, Bat, and Bluegill from Savage Gear | Bass Fishing


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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and I'm here with Mads. We're at the Savage Gear booth with some brand-new stuff. What have you got for us, man? Matt: I've got some pretty crazy stuff this year. This is our new 3D Bat, just won best new hot lure of the show. So, that was really cool. Glenn: That's really interesting looking. Matt: It's crazy. We had the Suicide Duck last year, and it was very popular, and a lot of people want us to follow-up with a topwater bait, and I always wanted to make a crawler, like a crazy crawler. So, when I saw a bat swimming in the swimming pool, I just realized, "This is what we gotta do." So, I went ahead and scanned a bat, which was not easy, put the wings on it, and it was just perfect action right there. So, really fun bait, comes in three sizes. There's a 3 inch, a 4 inch, and a 5 inch. The 4 and the 5 inch is gonna hit the general market very soon, and we've got the small one, that would be with Dick's as an exclusive for the first year.