Review 68: Sazerac Straight Rye


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birthday America it is your inherited right today to spend your day swilling alcohol grilling me and blowing things up if you a vegan get busy with some tofurkey and I don know what you gonna do but grill in anyway and then blow something up hello and happy 4th of July this is your whiskey bitch I in my red white and blue even though this is a British band that counts it red white and blue and today because we are celebrating the American East holiday I thought it would be a good idea to focus everything on rye today because rye is the first American spirit it creates bourbon and sitting over here is the very first one I like to talk to you about in a very lovely Art Nouveau sort of a bottle this is Sazerac rye and you know I I love this because here you have courtesy incidentally of the Buffalo Trace distillery Sazerac is a place company and thing it is a place it is a bar in New Orleans it is a drink the cops from New Orleans and I kind of touched on this a little bit with another Buffalo