Under Armour Curry 3Zer0 'Dub Nation' | Detailed Look and Review


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you know what good guys is nightwing 2303 from where toasters combi Dave got a quick detailed look and review of these bad boys right here this is the Currie 3 0 by Under Armor so that thing so let go ahead and get right into it Music all right so the first video I made of these they were as big as my shoulder width they were a size 16 it was the limited white and gold colorway it was actually anthony tollivers personal pair he made a brief cameo in the video which is kind of cool he actually really likes the shoe I really like the shoe too visually I have not played in them just yet though so I do not know about the performance although a lot of the performance features are very similar to the original Currie 3 so I think that a lot of it will be similar but you never know until you take now first BAM you can see the traction hasn changed whatsoever and then the tooling itself is the same substance or the same materials basically at the Curie 3 but it just shaped a little bit differently I