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Music hi I ELISA Sherman if you thinking of cannabis as a medicinal plant and you would like to consume it but not sure how you may want to try vaping now vaping is different from smoking vaping is vaporizing the plant instead of reaching a temperature where there combustion so when you smoke cannabis it combustible and you getting to smoke and burning plant but when you vaporizing you just releasing the compounds in cannabis that interact with your body and brain the cannabinoids and the terpenes and the vaporizers a lot lighter than smoke so my preferred vape pen is the REO vape it a flower vaporizer there are vape pens where you inhaling the vapor of concentrated oils but this is for ground flower so you open up the chamber the chamber inside is ceramic which is great because there no off gassing of certain metals that also another Bowl that you would want to use if your smoking would be glass but here when you vaping you got ceramic you got a tungsten heating element inside that gives it a nice even burn you would grind up your cannabis flower dried and you place it inside