Cystic Acne - How I got rid of it!


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Music so I have been wanting to do this video for so long I haven really seen a whole lot of people talk about this particular product on YouTube or in the Internet and I just been really wanting to do this videos constantly in the back of my head and so I decided to finally sit down and record this and this is kind of my experience with cystic acne and how I got it under control I would never have problem problems with acne as a teenager I never had really bad breakouts I always have pretty decent skin I would have a breakout here and there but it was number of anything you know bad that I think that I thought I needed treatment for not continued on until about two years ago I would have been 26 I think it was around when I was 26 years old and I just started getting horrible horrible acne Hodges pimples that you can squeeze and go in there like they were cystic nasty painful red bumps that wouldn be able to squeeze now that I looking at these pictures that each other while ago it striking how bad