How to fix all Windows 7 Font problems


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how it going guys j dog 706 here addressing a problem that I had twice in Windows 7 and due to my research on the internet I have found out that multiple people have had this problem as well if you having this problem hopefully this video helped you now this problem is when you are using your internet browser say Google Chrome and you go to Google and you notice that your font is italicized or your an internet explorer and you notice that all your fonts are bold well this is due to corrupt font files on your windows 7 and on you need to do to fix this is download this from the description below its going to have all the default Windows 7 fonts so I going to pump in my jump drive with the files on it it 320 fonts so what you want to do is I going to drag this left right to the right right here I going to type in fonts I want to select that drag this to the left and I going to copy all of these fonts and drag them right here see I already done this so