TI-84 program- delete history quickly


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hey guys its creator 1 2 0 1 here I going to show you how to make a program that automatically deletes a memory for you when you run it like previous entries like 2 2 whenever you press clear just goes up here remember that so it always there so if you playing games during class like the one I made here I hadn your errors and doing all that good stuff previous this program will delete up for you mine called Chrome and it deletes it for you and I have it a finished press ok all that left is a program ok here how to make it first go to create new then press enter I already have one but name it what you want what I have it as is delete so you can name it Chrome or delete or whatever first thing you want to put in is press 2nd then this the plus sign which is memory go down to cure entries there you go also and come I have there all this and stay your home how I got to that his program and it number eight care home where just cause I