WeatherTech Roll Up Truck Bed Cover Installation Video


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hi I David this is Rick and we going to show you how to install the new weathertech tonneau cover on my 2015 f 150 pickup truck you know David one of the reasons people put tonneau covers on their truck is not only just because they want to protect the bed but it also gives added security for what inside but I think the great thing about the weathertech roll top tonneau cover is is the ease of installation and it priced right so opening the box we going to help you not buy two tonneau covers we going to use a pair of diagonal cutters to open the box put that on the table and then you also notice that there are two rails that will come one for each side of the bed the final cover will actually close into there also as a bag of hardware there which is a seal for the front of the bed and then of course the bracket kit that will help with the install as well as the instructions and you notice that there are aluminum brackets they be three for each side that you will use to secure the