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that my channel so you have been following me on this weight loss journey and I just wanted to keep you up to date on what going on so the new product that I am trying is this called this T is this called is this t called ASOS T one of my youtube friends told me about it and she said that it works really good I did my research on it and I didn hear anything negative I actually got my T and this is not a sponsored video I got my tea from Amazon it was like 14 something for the tea and then with shipping and handling I think it was like 20 or something like that you get two tea bags in it and it supposed to make a gallon of herbal tea it not supposed to it does it makes a gallon of tea and the tea is supposed to last you a week and the way it is that you supposed to drink 8 ounces at lunch 4 ounces in between and then 8 ounces for dinner and you supposed to lose weight now you guys saw me weigh in so I weighed