BURRITO BISON REVENGE Facecam Day #7: Luckiest Gameplay Ever?


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hello everybody what going on Jerome here and if you get some awesome Breda bye sir revenge gameplay and and one little funny note I accidentally just increased the strength of my elastic cables upgrade I met two guys the okay button on my capture card thingy screen IAM and accidentally over click and then end up pressing okay to record and then okay to buy it so surprise we have level 4 or less the cables now that was completely on purpose I guarantee it all right so let go I think bullshit well that a way to start off the day holy dick kits right off the launch we at the fucking Cruiser Mother of God well that one way to handle it anyway guys I think last someone left off there trying to get pickpocket all the way up completely ranked up and I think we real we were really close to accidentally but well accidentally after I purposely made a wise I guess wise investment on the elastic tables you know then apparently doll we done that way so juju alright so let keep going it oh we playing bitch holy shit how we at the