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welcome everyone to this brand new season of clutched and to kick things off we going to review a car with a very strong heritage it the Mazda rx 8 the Mazda rx 8 was first produced in 2003 and this is actually a successor to the Mazda rx 7 which was a very successful sports car you know when I look at this car I can actually tell that the designers were trying very hard to achieve a sports car look you know it got a very huge boner sexy wheel arches and a very low and white stunts no buy at the same time they wanted the car to be practical which is why this car comes with photos now I seen many brands out there tried to give a four door car or coupe a look and usually you find them hiding the door handles somewhere on here knows just so that the car looks like a whooping but I don think anyone has done a much better job than Mazda with the suicide doors this really is a very clever design you know because it does give the car a coupe a look but you have