Lays New York Reuben Flavor Chips REVIEW (Do Us A Flavor 2015)


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yeah Oleg a and welcome again to old nerd reviews I Tony I your old nerd of the day and I try things so you don have to today we are at the fourth and final entry for the Lay do us a flavor chip contest and we are trying the New York Reuben today now I already done the Greektown gyro I done these southern biscuits and gravy and I done the West Coast trouble prize if you missed any of those videos I will have them in the cards one way or the other there and in the description also now the reason I say these things for last is I absolutely love Reuben sandwiches now if you unfamiliar with what a Reuben is its corned beef sauerkraut on rye bread and I been a fan of Reubens since I was a little teeny boy so these I got once again over at Fred Meyer for two dollars and sixty nine cents this flavor was submitted by Jeffrey Solinsky and let see what Jeffrey has to say out of that I work in a restaurant where Reuben sandwiches are a big seller it reminds me of my upbringing