How Start-Stop works


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more than 40 of new cars built globally by 2018 will include start stop technology it a more efficient way to drive and Johnson Controls is the world leading provider of start stop batteries start stop is a proven technology that powers some of the top selling vehicles in North America such as the Ford f 150 Chevy Malibu and Ford Fusion here how it works whenever a driver steps on the brake in a traffic jam or at a red light the start stop system automatically shuts off the engine but the battery supplies all the cars electrical demands such as the air conditioning and the radio on its own the state of charge drops as soon as the light turns green and the driver takes his foot off the brake the battery restarts the engine in a fraction of a second the battery supplies the required energy the advanced energy management system then decouples the alternator to reduce fuel consumption even more provided the battery has sufficient charge the battery now supplies all electrical devices on its own again until its charge falls below a predefined lower limit only then is the alternator recup old brake recuperation help