How To Make A Freewheel Louder


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save us something I get asked occasionally is how to make a freewheel louder they want that tick tick tick noise associated with a freewheel now this freewheel here is brand new and as I turn it it actually very quiet that because there nice and fresh good lubrication side the freewheel hear the loud noise is tends to come from free wheels that are lacking lubrication or have a very thin lubrication now the problem with that is that the free wheels will tend to wear out faster than having a good lubrication in there so if you ready to sacrifice the longevity of a freewheel for a louder noise I show you how to do that so the first thing we want to do is flush out all the lubrication that in there currently now as I spin the freewheel here you see this part in here does not turn but this part out here does so this little seam in there is where we want to spray some solvent and I going to use wd 40 which is basically a solvent with a little bit of oil in there and so I just going to spray this