2013 FIAT Club America FreakOut with Fabrizio Vacca, FIAT Brand Designer


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when I got here I realized that it their incredible passionate and and they have a huge knowledge about it fiat cars and lunch and alpha male and they really enthusiasts I een I got really inspired and I think it also it will also help to my job because I was thinking about you know when when you work you have to think about who are you are you working for in meeting such passionate people that come he came here from all over UL United States just to enjoy this meeting it was really a good experience for me there were two different kind of cars here 11 is the cars I usually see in Europe and like the multiplayer the Alpha spider there are very common in Italy but seeing them here was it was it was worth it was strange it was an impact looking and just kind of especially the multiply the other kind of cars like the Fiat spider and Fiat chenkov in toto and all this car that I used to see when I was a kid in Italy but and I haven seen them in a long time and now seeing them