Sly Dog Ski from Gamma Sales


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a great upgrade to your stolen bill from an old steel ski or a worn of plastic ski as you get into a set of slide dogs sly dog has a complete wide variety of a six inch a seven inch and a brand new 8 inch wide ski 8 inch being the extreme for the real extreme mountain guys or backcountry guys that want to ride in that deep powder nice thing with a sly dog too is they offer a very very wide range of colors graphics you know gonna kind of match up to any snow that you have also a big thing a claim to fame for sly dog is the reverse angled keel a lot of snowmobile skis out there the keel is just a straight keel when you come into a corner it has a lot of pushing you don get a very good bite with the slide dog you have a reverse angled keel so when you actually come into the corner it grabs snow instead of pushing it so you get a lot better bite better control better handling in the corners and it a great upgrade to the snowmobile one quick