Whisky Review #013 Sip some Compass Box Oak Cross Whisky and forget me nots! w/STD's


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Scotch test dummies here Scott barn another review another great project hopefully compass box blended malt scotch whiskey called oak cross this is continuing or it not a trilogy what do you call it a quad ology that actually our fifth one Memphis yeah but in a row we doing four in a row yeah and a quad ology yeah that would be it can be a quantum quadricep quadratic is it Terrace Luigi Luigi I surprised Bart got the name right on these he seems to be remembering scotches just fine but Bart is well known he terrible for what the New England mayor there was a story on this last year how he couldn even remember names he real bad and like Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots he called Wilcock in a in front of the media and everything so that that that the order I gonna speak in with the man because I mean I know John Elway right but fantasy football wise Bart would be like yeah my quarterback what the name Ethan something come on Eli yeah yeah that him I like how do you get decent from Eli it not quite that