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so Big D why don you want to have a trial this beautiful and I fruit do play or I trying to truth what I want we got everything here freshest of taste great group of a and are some beautiful healing everything fresh melons grapes Kiwis pineapples everything and imagine right here on the fruits nine when I get done e she going to be naked let see who gotta get a massage there is this amazing or what I can even tell you how good this feels it unbelievable one of the things of course that we offer here at k5 is that the guests can take as many girls through the room as he likes so it the multiple girl thing which he most suitably would do in our flagship room which is the old throne room which contains jacuzzi the victor koozie where the guests can enjoy himself with the girls or the girls so maybe we should have a look at who in the hot tub they got the hot water the most beautiful in and all the problem very pleased today