Blackstar Artist 15 Tube Combo Amp Review by Sweetwater


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hi I Mitch Gallagher welcome to Sweetwater guitars and gear this time out a new tube amplifier from Blackstar let get started ah you you today we checking out the artist 15 a new premium appala fire from black star now this is an all tube design it driven by two 12ax7 preamp tubes and two 6l6 power tubes now what interesting about that is normally with a 15 watt amplifier like the artist 15 you use six v6 power tubes but Blackstar has selected six l6 power tubes usually you use those in a higher power amp and they using the power tubes in such a way that you get a very clean very dynamic power section we got two channels a very straight ahead clean channel with a volume control and a tone control then we got a gain channel it not a high gain amplifier it a nice crunchy amp we got to gain control of volume control for that channel 3 band EQ we also have black stars patented ISF control is f stands for infinite shape feature and it allows you to go from an american style tone stack all the way up to a