Pellucidar : World Beyond Time


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Music Music in January 1913 Edgar Rice Burroughs building upon the success of the worlds he had created for his Tarzan and John Carter of Mars series set out to create yet another world of adventure pellucid are a land line upon the inner surface of the earth which he envisioned as a hollow sphere the concept of the earth as a hollow sphere was well established as far back as 1692 Edmund Halley had speculated about a land within the earth and in the 19th century numerous proponents including John Cleves Symmes had postulated a Hollow Earth with openings at each pole he and others proposed expeditions in search of these openings and the idea is still percolated in the early 20th century in Burroughs pellucid art there is no night and no time there is a tiny central Sun and it is permanently high noon the horizon curves upward into the haze of the distance it is a world populated by savage prehistoric beasts strange civilizations in beautiful compelling women who capture the hearts and imagination of readers and protagonists alike it is a land where Stone Age men and women was fight to survive and where whole