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NOLS offers mountaineering courses in some of the most wild and unique mountain ranges in the world Your development as a mountaineer will begin with the basics Learning to care for yourself your fellow expedition members your equipment and the environment is the foundation for advanced mountaineering and the focus of our core curriculum Once you reach the mountains you move into the climbing curriculum Your course will be emphasize different climbing skills depending on the terrain and the environment in your course area Knots rope handling rope team traveling self arrest and belaying You spend time practicing these skills and learning to live and travel responsibly in mountainis and glaciated terrain As your experience build and you move into more technically demanding terrain you will be exposed to more advanced skills such as crevice rescue route finding on a glacier avalanche hazard assessment and the use of rope systems for protection during more expose travel There will be days set aside for classes skill practice and peak accents Your course will prepare you for future expeditions in glaciated ranges While summating peaks is a goal the true focus of this course is the practice in development of leadership skills