Conway’s Irish Ale – Great Lakes Brewing Co. (Beer Review)


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it time for a beer guys and today I drinking a great lakes brewing company beer Conway Irish ale oh yeah i can get Great Lakes Brewing Company beers here now they start Stockton and this one is a handcrafted irish style ale Cleveland Ohio has man 440 sent me some beer and it was just amazing out of this world and ever since then I just been kind of turned on to great lakes brewing company so I always you know looking forward to trying to find something from them and again I can actually get it here this has looks like a best buy day down here which is a good six point five percent alcohol by volume says best served at 45 degrees Fahrenheit gold medal winner world beer championship and looks like a little bit of a story on here but let me get it into the glass first the old southern tier glass so it looks like we got ourselves an Irish red ale really clear in the poor and it does have almost like a copper color to it a little bit of redness yeah bubbles coming up very minimal head on it just