20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout


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what going on guys Shane here today we got a five round heavy bag workout for you that burn at least 500 calories and get you in a pillar shape so where you gonna need for this workout is a pair of hand wraps ideally a 180 inches long a pair of bag gloves anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces and a watch or a clock okay before we get started let make sure you warmed up with some dynamic stretches like arm circles bear hugs some walking lunges squats or side lunges just sort of start to get warm warm your muscles up and get ready for the intense workout ahead all right guys let get it started round one I want you to work your straight punches and your front push kick make sure you snapping those punches and the crosses work high and love to the head and to the body make up your own combos make sure you stinging that bad guys good I want you to go for three minutes for round one give yourself a one minute rest in between before we go into round two grab water if you need it round two