LG 42LK520 42-Inch 1080p


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hi I Paul Hoffman for the new simple on amazon com what I said I the news okay big blockbuster movies on your LG TV are great but do we have noticed with all the special effects of big action movies lately sometimes you can hear the planet explode but you can actually hear what they saying about it which isn always bad yo this bullet explodes planets but seriously if you can hear the words what the point so LG created clear voice it boosts the specific audio frequency is most commonly found in human speech meaning it helps keep dialogue audible over the boom boom of say the imploding galaxy to activate clear voice press home then set up then the Audio tab turn on clear voice and adjust the level of enhancement to your liking not enough control with LG picture wizard you can even enhance the image so the colors are accurate and right for your viewing area to calibrate the press home then set up and then picture and then picture wizard the step by step tool will show you a series of images and then ask you for your input with simple graphical instructions