Face Massage - The Best Anti Aging Face Massage Ever


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let have the model do the face contouring massage first warm up the facial lip to let the flow of the lymph be more smooth we start from just before the ear exercise some strength and slide downward to the collarbone repeat three times for this motion why you take Adams or 1200 Zambia next use three of your fingers and place them in the center of the forehead then push outward from the forehead while pressing down use both hands to slowly move to the temple passing the lymph line and downward to the collarbone slowly repeat this motion three times if you are someone with a really puffy forehead repeat five times if necessary hopeful don be Julian Julian pull you back yoga don all tofu a bit next it the eye massage use your middle finger to start from the outer corner of your eye moving along underneath and upward to the inner corner of your eye to the brow then from the inside corner of your eye move outward to the outside corner of your eye make sure to use proper strength accordingly young soldiers only in geology in science you will you GYN gel beam