Porta Nigra Review - with Tom Vasel


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and now it time for another diced our review with Tom vassal hey folks today we taking a look at porta nigra this is the first game in the great designer series that stronghold is put out and this one really had me interesting because it has the the combo duo of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Keesling and they put out some amazing games over the years yeah and so this was one I was very intrigued with I knew that it would probably be a mid level gyro with a lot of different scoring opportunities and that something that intrigues me I like many of especially Kramer games I just think there are main thing fun things usually so let see if this one one of those players are helping build for large buildings that are being built in this area in one of the sections here is porta nigra in the middle of the board are gonna put 14 different building pieces now these building pieces are a huge pile of them and they going to be different colors or yellow red blue and black which incidentally is the same as the player colors but it has nothing