Burger King Bacon King Mukbang ~ Bengals Seize The Dey! #seizethedey


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hey guys welcome back to Tracy place I am so excited to be with you again it was such a long week last week I think only did two or three videos last week but I wanted to just come on with a bang today because as you see the title is important to me anyway and I know to many of you all idiots too but first let me tell you what I eating I am eating Burger King today and Burger King is one of my favorite places cuz I like that flame broiled taste there nothing wrong with McDonald now I like McDonald in a pinch and stuff is you know it alright but Burger King is nothing like that flame broiled taste it has always been like that for me it just you can beat flame broiled okay anyway this is the bacon king are the chicken nuggets going down oh oh they are a dollar ten pieces for a dollar oh my goodness got got a run for their money anyway I wanted fries plus onion rings but the lady thought I meant replace my fries with the onion rings and I was trying to